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Dec. 25th to 29th,PINTECH excellent staffs have had a wonderful trip to Laos.

How happy we are to gather together to have a look in the world.

It's our honor to work together,travel together.

We have seen many temples in Laos. All are very impresseing, especially for Wat That Luang.Haw Pha Kaeo/Haw Pha Kaew. We can feel peaceful when we are in or looking at these temples.

In Laos, we met many local people, they are famers, business men,monks, etc. All of them looks very nature,happy. Though living in poor econmic,but they are wealthy in heart. It's very respected.

Like this Buddha statue.

Where will be our next destination?We are looking forward to our next company trip.

New year 2020 has come,we are here looking forward to offer you much more best products, oscilloscope probe, differential probe,current probe,DMM, power supply,and so on.

Always on the way, always being positive,always thinking of our customers' needs.


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