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Enterprise Culture

Enterprise pursuit of the goal 

     Global oscilloscope probe application technology in the field of the first brand.

Enterprise vision

     In the global popularization of large area, the promotion of oscilloscope probe standard technical indicators and for the global scope technology draft as own duty, "PINTECH product to" become a well-known overseas world-renowned international brand.

Enterprise motto

     There is no collective, individual will accomplish nothing.

     The enterprise to the quality of products of the attitude

     Depending on the product quality as enterprise life, like the treasure, defend life value, defend the product quality.

     The enterprise to the user's attitude

     Depending on the user for enterprise's food and clothing parents, respect their parents like as respect for the user.

Enterprise advocating style

     Respect knowledge, respect talented person, the west show;

     Collective DaTai, different role, to sing a song,

     Cease to struggle not only, the world summit bravely.

     Enterprise spirit of cooperation

     Team, the individual together; Honor and benefit sharing.

Enterprise style

     Work with perseverance, perseverance; Do it now, high efficiency.

Enterprise discipline

     The individual is subordinate to the collective, the minority is subordinate to the majority, the part to global; Observe law and discipline, do qualified citizens; By the book, conservative enterprise secret, consciously maintenance enterprise benefits, depending on the enterprise for home, for enterprise staff.

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