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Pintech probe invites you to meet July 7 Shanghai new Energy vehicle charging and motor drive control technology special training Conference

July 7, 2018, Pintech products to join hands with 21Dianyuan invited Professor Yang Guijie, Zhu Chunpo Deputy Dean, Professor Wu Xiaogang in Shanghai, held "new energy vehicles, motor drive control technology training meeting."

Training direction

Problems existing in the new technology of motor and drive control system for direct-hit electric vehicles. 10 Key technologies for engineers in depth analysis of radio transmission technology. Improving engineers ' ability to develop battery charge management technology for electric vehicle safety and energy saving helps engineers to have new breakthroughs and innovations in the field of motor-driven control technology for new energy vehicles.

Training venues

Time: July 7, 2018 (8:30~17:00)

Location: Pullman Shanghai Jing ' an hotel (Liu Lou Red Hall)

Address: No. No. 330 Jingan Meiyuan Road, Shanghai, China


Pintech product will be on site to show you the division products, Pintech product oscilloscope probes, active differential probes, oscilloscope probes, high-voltage test rods, current probes, isolated current probes, high-voltage electric meters, high-voltage amplifiers, signal generators, oscilloscopes, multimeter, AC power, DC power, DC electronic load , pressure tester, power meter, etc. for the power supply and other fields of manufacturers to provide more professional testing and measurement services, we will continue to work to bring more excellent products and services.

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